Relocation Services

Experts in Frankurt and the Rhein-Main area

Extensive Network

We use our years of experience in the field of relocations, our extensive netowrk of contacts and our insider knowledge of Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main area to make your move to Germany as easy as possible.

Prompt Appointments

Extensive contact with trustworthy insurers, doctors, schools and other necessary service are of essential importance for satisfied customers.

Umfangreiche Kontakte mit gewachsenem Vertrauen zu Versicherern, Ärzten, Schulen und anderen komplementären Einrichtungen sind von essentieller Wichtigkeit für zufriedene Kunden.

Local Knowledge

Alongside excellent local knowledge, we have contact with real-estate agents, landlords and local administrative agencies - a good basis to achieve the target without a hitch.



We offer relocation services for:

Relocation for Companies

A professional service for professional people.

Relocation for Private Individuals

Personal and personalized.

Relocation for Agents

Global meets Regional.

Satisfied Customers

    • Andrew Lochrie, Scotland
    • Standard Life Aberdeen PLC
    • Sou Allali supported all aspects of our move to Frankfurt: flat search, handover, registration, banking, telecoms and more. In all aspects she was experienced and informed and made the relocations experience less stressful and led it to a successful conclusion. Sou was helpful, approachable and available to us throughout the process and would recommend her to anyone looking for high quality and comprehensive relocation support.

    • Daniel Maccarrone, Australia
    • PwC
    • I must highly recommend Ms. Sou Allali, she was excellent throughout the whole process - very professional, efficient and was always available to answer my questions in a timely fashion. Very happy.

    • Ouafaa Najim
    • ING Bank
    • Rhein-Main Relocations provided great service when I moved November 2017 from the Netherlands to Frankfurt.

      I found my apartment with the help of Rhein-Main Relocations within 4 days!

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