There for you for your whole Relocation

Come to Frankfurt the right way.


Who? What? Where?

When you get here, we'll show you around your new surroundings. We'll make sure you're familiar with the local dos and don'ts, with the different areas of the city, with the public transportation network, the shopping opportunities, the best day-trip destinations, local activities and attractions and some of the best restaurants and cafés.

Get excited about exploring your new home!


Local government agencies

We will accompany you personally to the foreigners' registration office to help you apply for your work and residency permits.


We can start making your life easier even before you arrive in Germany. If you need a work permit for your visa application, we can help you to apply for it.

As fluent German and English speakers, we can also communicate with the German employment agency and your consulate on your behalf.


Your new home

A house search perfectly tailored to you. Our extensive network of real-estate agents and landlords gives us access to a wide pool of the available properties in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. We will help you find your perfect home, in the right part of town, the right style and the right size, just like you imagined it.

Facilities and services

Our service doesn't end with helping you to find your new home. We will also help you to register with the electricity and gas companies, to find an internet provider and to contact any other necessary services. If you like, we can accompany you to collect the keys and take possession of the property. A professionally [angefertiges Protokoll] is just as important as making contact with the right people, such as the caretaker of the building, a reliable cleaner, a capable handyman or a trustworthy babysitter. We'll help with everything, just get in touch.

Money matters

Bank accounts

We can help you to open a German bank account. We will help you decide which bank best suits your requirements and then arrange and accompany you to an appointment with them.


Everyone wants to be properly insured, especially in Germany. We can put you in touch with independent tax advisers who will make sure you're completely covered. They'll tell you what you really need!


Once you arrive in Germany, you will need a German tax number. Without it, you will not be able to receive your salary. We can apply for this for you, so that your company can pay you on time from the beginning.

We can also put you in touch with an English speaking tax consultant who will be able to advise you on all your financial requirements and communicate with the German tax authorities on your behalf.


When it's time to go

Even when it's time to leave, you're not alone. We can take care of everything for you: cancelling your rental contract, your bank accounts, giving notice to schools and kindergartens, deregistering with the German authorities, handing back the keys to your house or apartment and getting your security deposit back. Our service is guaranteed, right to the end.

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